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Anyone can claim to believe in the Lord and go to a place of worship (Church, Temple, or Mosque). But is the wedding garment worn and evident to all (Mt. 22:1-14)? This wedding garment is that which is given by the King and makes us acceptable to Him.

To wear the Lord’s ‘garment of grace’ is a sign of our humility to conform our daily lives to His commands. This garment confirms that we no longer ‘wear’ the vice of the world, but put on the virtue of God’s Kingdom that is open to all who accept His invitation.

This garment solidifies our being allowed to stay with the gathering. But, if the garment is not worn - meaning the King can clearly see our rebellious pride and people can see our devious ways - then the risk of being thrown out is real and impending.

The beauty of this image of the wedding garment is that if we choose to wear it as the King desires and it gets soiled by our sins, then the Prince - in whose honour we gather - has the love and power to make it clean. Let us wear our garment and celebrate.

Loving Father, we thank You for the garment that You give us so that we can be accepted to the wedding feast of Your Son. May we wear our garment with joy, and ‘fashionably’ show others that we are Your people who celebrate life in the manner You desire. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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