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Daily Bytes

God created a space in each of us that can only be fully satisfied when we fill it with love for Him. We fill our lives with various activities and different experiences. These satiate only up to point. Complete satisfaction comes when we turn to the Lord, freely choose to love Him and walk in His ways.

This is why the rich young man in today’s gospel (Mt. 19:16-22) walked away sad. His wealth may cater to his expenses and needs. But he hungered for something more. He was craving for eternal life. When he was told to give away his riches and follow the Lord in faith, he could not do it.

It should be highlighted that it was not the wealth that created sadness. The man realised that his riches were not enough to keep him in real peace or purchase eternal life. The lack of joy came from the realization that he was too attached to his wealth to change his lifestyle and walk in trust with the Lord.

If we are lacking joy like the man who encountered the Lord, perhaps we need to reflect on whether or not our own attachment to wealth; assorted experiences; being in control; need to hear and participate in gossip; determining the outcome in diverse situations of life, the reality of sin and our own ego are the root cause.

Lord Jesus, You call us to follow You. May we have the courage to trust in Your power to provide for our needs. Help us to identify the barriers and attachments in our lives that rob us of peace and can prevent our inheriting eternal life. May we walk in joy with You. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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