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Daily Bytes

If we spend more time listening to the beauty of God’s voice in His word rather than the ugly gossip of people, we would all be in a better place. Like Ezekiel, those who listen to the Lord in prayer and in His word, are reminded that we live among rebellious people who do not conform to the ways of the Lord (Ez. 12:1-12).

The more we recognise the stubborn pride and rebellious spirit of others, the less we are to expect good news from them. Ours is the task not to imitate their behaviour nor judge their weakness. Journeying as a Synodal Church, our priority as God’s people is to focus on His word, forgive all (Mt. 18:21-35) and be His light in our world.

Lord Jesus, You are the Word that speaks life and the Light that guides us through the sad and rebellious spirit of others. Help us to be Your light who rise above the darkness that is so prevalent. May our faith in You lead us to be Disciples who make You proud. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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