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Daily Bytes

Today is August 9th. Starting from July 1st, this will be our 40th day in our journey praying three Psalms daily. If we started on day one and have been faithful in our endeavour, then we should be at praying Psalm 118 to 120 today. Do not panic at the length of Psalm 119. A few suggestions in praying this longest Psalm:

1. If you have the time, pray Psalm 118 - 120 today (divide Psalm 119 throughout the day).

2. Pray Psalm 118 and 120 today, and leave Psalm 119 for tomorrow.

3. If you choose, you can pray Psalm 119 over two or even three days.

Think of the Psalms, indeed all of scripture, as that “sweet as honey” treat (Ez. 3:3) that the Lord invites us to eat and have our fill. We are all children (Mt. 18:1-14) in the Lord’s candy store. Taste and see the sweetness of the Word of the Lord and all His promises.

Lord Jesus, may Your Word which we devour bring us spiritual nourishment and wholistic satisfaction. May our healthy minds and hearts lead to living holy and joyful lives. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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