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Daily Bytes

Happy Independence! Today, we rejoice with the people of the Caribbean region as we give thanks to God for the freedom He gives from colonial powers and spiritual decay. Like the Psalmist, we too can cry out, “let the many islands be glad” (Ps. 97:1).

I hope and pray that you, who embraced the challenge from July 1st to pray three Psalms each day, will persevere in this spiritual exercise. Too often people make verbal and written agreements, and break them without a second thought or remorse.

Our God is fully committed to liberating us from any captivity that prevents us from living and celebrating life as He wills. But to do this, we have to seek His voice and “listen to Him” so that we can be properly guided (Lk. 9:35). Pray, listen and live freely.

Lord Jesus, Yours is the voice of freedom and mercy. Our heavenly Father commands us to listen to You. May the life lessons that You impart in Your word, help us to be Disciples who strive for holiness, integrity and humility, as we seek to please You in all things. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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