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Daily Bytes

In the list of your duties and responsibilities, where do you expend most of your energy? We please ourselves, families and communities by doing all things well. But do we take note of the warning of gaining the world and forfeiting our lives (Mt. 16: 24-28)?

We do all that we can to excel in our studies and ‘labour of love’ in the compartments of our lives. However we need to consciously examine how much time we dedicate to praying the word of the Lord; worship in Church and contemplating His goodness.

We dedicate our time to attain passing things which we deem important. But we should not neglect the important time needed to spend on spiritual things which leads to eternal life. May we discern wisely and intentionally commit time for our salvation.

Lord Jesus, You are the Lord of all time. Teach us how to use our time wisely to not only accomplish our daily tasks, but also to spend it on moments that will lead us into heavenly glory with You. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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