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When our minds and lives are disturbed by gossip or various experiences, how do we cope and respond? Despite their daily journeying with the Lord, when the Disciples experienced the storm, not one of them could help the others see and think properly. They all said, “It is a ghost” when they saw the Lord. It took Jesus himself to rectify all (Mt. 14:22-36).

Too often people yield to believing the gossip and malicious statements that their circle of friends relay. Like the Disciples in the boat, not one person is able to bring calm, seek the facts or impart hope. It takes the Lord’s personal intervention to bring renewed peace and joy. Always seek the voice of the Lord in all circumstances of life. He will rescue us.

Lord Jesus, Your voice is the sweet sound of our salvation. You speak us into existence. You still the raging storm. Your words bring life and joy. May we always seek Your uplifting voice that gives us strength in the present and hope for the future. Amen.


Fr. Howie





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