• Fr. Howard Thompson

Daily Bytes

Today is July 30. If you took on the challenge to start on July 1 and pray three Psalms daily, then you will be at Psalm 90. I urge you to stay the course. I also pray that you will find the immense comfort and strength that the Psalms have provided for me and others.

We need the Lord’s consolation if we are to remain true to Him. Like Jeremiah and John the Baptist (Jer. 26 & Mt. 14) we too will be persecuted when we take a stand for the Lord, His Word and Church. Even those in our ‘group’ will join them. Be strong in the Lord.

Lord Jesus, Your fidelity to Your Father’s will and unfailing love for us led You to the cross. We thank You for Your precious blood which washes us, and the blood of the martyrs that waters the ‘roots’ of Your Church. May we courageously face the persecutions that come from being Your Disciples, who align our lives with the light of Your Word and Sacraments. Amen.


Fr. Howie





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