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Daily Bytes

Today’s readings should give us a sense of dread and simultaneous comfort. Jesus warns that at the end of time, there will be a separation of people (Mt. 13:47-53). The good will live in His eternal Kingdom while the bad will be thrown away into the ‘fire’.

That sobering thought about the future is linked to the hope we have in the present. For those who choose to surrender ourselves into the hands of our God, He continuously moulds us into becoming a people (Jer. 18:1-6) who will inherit heavenly glory.

Our Lord did not create us to be ‘thrown away’. We are created to celebrate the life and love that He imparts. This means allowing Him to shape us with His word, Spirit and mercy. It also means we should strive not to imitate the ‘dark’ behaviour of people.

Heavenly Father, shape us like the potter’s clay. Mould us Lord with Your Spirit today and always. May we become the people You desire us to be, so that with You and each other, we can all look forward with eager anticipation to spending eternity in Your house. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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