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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Daily Bytes

Today’s readings match so well the current context of the ‘pilgrimage of penance’ by Pope Francis to Canada. The skewed and erroneous approach by our Church to evangelize has historically brought much pain. The call to “convert or die” has resulted in mass killings to ‘save the soul of the heathen’; forced separation of families; the decimation of indigenous cultures and spirituality, and a false sense of superiority of one race over another.

These have to be faced with humility and sorrow. As Church, we too pray as we recognize O Lord, our wickedness, that we have sinned against You (Jer. 14:17-22). Our weakness and ignorance have caused heartaches. “Deliver us and pardon our sins” (Ps. 79:8-13). There are times we have behaved as wheat, and other times as weeds (Mt. 13:36-43). May we forgive as we are forgiven. May there be healing, reconciliation and new hope.

Holy Spirit, help us to learn the lessons of history. Empower us to embrace the good that brings You glory, and avoid that which causes pain. We are weak, fragile and limited. May Your limitless love be the good seed that effects healing and imparts new beginnings. Like the Psalmist, may we give You thanks, and let all generations declare Your praise. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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