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Every parent and grandparent should imitate the mother in today’s gospel (Mt. 20:20-28). Always carry your children and grandchildren before the Lord, and request what you think is good for their lives. Let the Lord hear the desires of your heart in prayer.

However, it is important to note how Jesus responded. Having heard her request, Jesus turned to her sons and addressed them directly. They now have to personally own their faith journey. They will now have to engage the Lord as they go through life.

After prayer, parents and grandparents have to ‘let go’ and let the Lord ‘take the lead’. He loves your children and grandchildren, and truly wants what is good for them. But, it is up to the children to respond to the grace of God and embrace His will in their lives.

Lord Jesus, hear the prayers we offer for our children and grandchildren. We know You love them and want us to take them to You in prayer. As we surrender them into Your hands, we ask that You guide them and bless them. May their lives bring You joy and glory. Amen.


Fr. Howie





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