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Daily Bytes

We may be tempted to ask who are the wheat and who are the weeds in today’s world (Mt. 13:24-30). The truth is that as we journey through life, there are times we are wheat and other times we are weed.

The fact that the Lord allows the wheat and weeds to grow together gives us hope. He is neither willing to cut down the obvious weeds around us, nor destroy any of us when we behave as weeds.

The reality of every individual being a combination of wheat and weed, should keep us humble and prevent us from making judgements on others. We each have to work out our salvation by God’s grace.

Let us all aim to grow as wheat, so that we can be gathered into the Lord’s barn at the end of time.

Lord Jesus, You know our rising and resting. You know our strength and our weakness. By Your grace, help us to live as wheat who are blessed with a place in Your kingdom. Amen


Fr. Howie



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