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Who among us has ever felt that God is distant or absent? You pray, trust and wait. But somehow no response comes from the Lord. You then feel alone, abandoned and spiritually dry. Where is God?

Today's gospel from Mt. 12:38-42, offers an insight. The Disciples would have felt the distance from Jesus when he was buried. Then after three days He rose and appeared to them. He was once again close to them.

What is the lesson? The 'absence' of the Lord does not equate to being abandoned by Him. Rather, He has 'withdrawn' to work out and implement His magnificent and powerful plans in our lives.

The burial of Jesus led to the divine plan of His resurrection and granting eternal life. Take courage, for when we may wonder why is God hiding, it is only because He is strategizing to give us something truly beautiful.

Let us pray: Lord Jesus. You know our rising and resting. As sure as the sun still shines even when we do not see it, so too Your presence is faithful even when we feel the distance. Teach us how to trust You at all times, and believe that Your plans which are above ours, will always work out for good. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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