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Rules promote right order and prevent anarchy. Without sensitivity and compassion, rules can be a burden and even become a source of greater pain than intended. There is a need to recognise not just the rule, but also mercy. Under the law, we are all guilty. But by the grace and sacrifice of Christ, we are forgiven and restored.

We see an example in today’s gospel (Mt. 12:1-8), of not just a rule but also the mercy that is required. Although the Disciples broke the rule, Jesus defended the higher value of their needing to eat. The Catholic Church gives Holy Communion to Roman Catholics only, but in case of an emergency it is given to the dying recipient.

Rules are important. But it is mercy and grace that make us human and lead us home.

Lord Jesus, You gave us the law so that we may live as Your people. But in our weakness, we often fail and fall. May we praise and thank You for the redemption and mercy that we continuously receive from You. As we strive to live by Your word, teach us how to celebrate our restored innocence, and choose to impart this gift to all in our lives. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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