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For those who have taken up the challenge of experiencing a ‘Summer of Psalm’ and started yesterday, I pray that the days ahead will bring about new insights and joy as you continue praying three Psalms per day. Let the Psalms speak to your mind and heart.

Jesus tells us to put “new wine into fresh wineskins” (Mt. 9:14-17). Apply this image when praying the Psalms. Although you may have read the Psalms already, there is always a new experience that the Lord gives when we meditate on His word. Enjoy the Psalms.

Lord Jesus, accept the moments we spend during the days of Summer to pray the Psalms. May they inspire and instruct us in Your ways, so that as we experience refreshment and revival in our hearts, our lives may manifest Your goodness at all times. Amen.

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Fr. Howie





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