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Daily Bytes

When the Lord calls us, he bids us to learn from Him as we follow Him (Mt. 9:9-13). We who follow the ‘Word made flesh’, must spend time with the gift of His word that comforts and challenges our lives. Today, if you have not officially started, I invite you to experience a ‘Summer of Psalm’. Let the Book of Psalms be your guide and fountain this summer.

The months of July and August have sixty two (62) days. There are one hundred and fifty (150) Psalms. If you commit to praying three (3) Psalms each day during July and August, this will take fifty (50) days. If you add another seven (7) days to cover Psalm 119 and any other lengthy Psalm, you will still complete the Book of Psalms with days to spare.

I urge you not to race through the Psalms, but to meditatively pray them. Spend time to reflect on a line or stanza that touches you. Parents can read with your children. Individuals, Ministries and Groups can set aside specific times to pray them. Even if you have already read through the Book of Psalms, commit to praying them with ‘new eyes’ of love.

Like Matthew in today’s gospel, let us follow the Lord through the Book of Psalms. Try not to let distractions and excuses prevent this journey. Kindly note that the Daily Byte will be uploaded to our Facebook page as usual. If you are not on Facebook, then simply go to our Website ( for the Byte (

Enjoy your Summer of Psalm.

Lord Jesus, as we hear Your call to follow You, may our journey through the Book of Psalms be one of delight, sustenance and refreshment. Help us to grow in Your word. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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