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“Master, I want to see” (Mk. 10:51). Do we pray to see the Lord? Our loving Lord is never far or absent from our lives. It is our own busy-ness, distractions, appetites, emotions, fear and ego-driven lives that blind us to His abiding presence. Jesus wants us to see Him.

Perhaps we need to own the reason for our spiritual blindness. If we pray to see the Lord, like Paul, we will change our lives and draw closer to Him. If we pray to see the Lord in each other, our attitude and actual loving others will bring greater glory to our God.

Lord Jesus, You promised to be with us always. Touch our eyes to see You. May the vision of loveliness that You are, transform our hearts and minds so that our lives may become true sources of credible love, unwavering faith and motivational hope. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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