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Daily Byte

Our God is more than capable to satisfy our needs. He not only responds to our humble prayer requests, but also goes beyond waiting for our cry for help, and takes the initiative to act on our behalf. When Jesus looked and saw the hunger of the crowd, He did not wait for them to ask for food, but pro-actively used what was available to satisfy all (Mk. 8:1-10).

God is love. Love by its nature anticipates and actively seeks to fulfil the needs of the other. This is why we thank and praise our God. He knows what we need even before we ask. He is so full of love, that His only concern is to ensure our satisfaction according to His will. Do we reveal this kind of love, by anticipating and satiating the needs of all in our lives?

Loving Father, You give us life before we asked for it. You anticipate our needs and lovingly satisfy them, even before we cry out to You. Teach us to show our gratitude to You, by our actions to listen and anticipate others’ needs, and respond in any way we can. Amen


Fr. Howie


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