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Daily Byte

When we ponder the answers to the various questions concerning Jesus, do we then have the courage to live out the implications of our response? Jesus asked the disciples who they say He is, and Peter affirmed He is the “Christ of God”. The anointed Son of God would die, but then something new happens, he will rise on the third day (Lk. 9:18-22).

The implication of the answer by Peter and the resurrection of the Lord is that He becomes good news that must be shared with everyone. If we say Jesus is our Saviour, do we affirm that we are forgiven? If we say Jesus died for us, do we now live for Him? If we believe He reigns, do we worry or even fear death? Let our answers guide our spiritual lives.

Lord Jesus, You are the ultimate answer to the varied questions in our lives. May our faith and trust in Your power and love lead us to live in true joy and peace. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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