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When parents are grounded in love for each other and for God, they not only bring life into the world, but also groom their children to be sources of life for others. However, when the exaggerated egos of parents result in their living self-centred lives, and whose only reality is their own satisfaction, then their children become warped instruments of death.

We glean this truth with Herod, Herodias and their daughter (Mk. 6:14-29). Respect and love for God should translate into love and respect for all people, even if, like John, views are different. It is therefore important for all parents to seek the Lord in prayer and in His word, so that the lessons they impart to their children may result in life for all.

Loving Father, You have created us as Your children, so that we come to know You and love You the way You deserve. Teach us how to embrace Your Spirit, so that we may grow in Your grace and teach the next generation how to be sources of life and love. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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