• Fr. Howard Thompson

Daily Byte

True conversion begins with an encounter, and is sustained with new vision and insight. We see these truths in the conversion of Paul (Acts 22:3-16). Paul’s prior views and actions were all based on what he heard about Jesus. But it was only after his personal encounter, and conversation with the Lord, that everything changed.

Moving from what others said concerning Jesus to now experiencing who Jesus is, Paul’s purpose in life takes on a new dimension. The light of Christ now illuminates his eyes and entire being to become an apostle of good news. Today, pray that this same light will shine on our areas of darkness so that we may walk in new life.

Lord Jesus, You are the light of my life. Shine Your love and grace on me, so that like Paul, I may walk in the power of Your Spirit and be a source of good news to others. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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