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Daily Byte

I can give you a gift wrapped package, but will I give you my heart? I can give an offering in Church, but will I give the Lord the love that is His with all my mind and heart? I can say I love you, but do I truly desire your growth and speak blessings on you? I can say I believe in the Lord, but do I trust in His power to lead me into all that is good?

In today’s gospel, Jesus praises the poor widow whose generosity exceeded those around her (Lk. 21:1-4). True love gives willingly and unhesitatingly. Real love is seen in the gift of self and not from surplus. We thank the Lord for His complete sacrifice on the cross. Today, give the Lord all the love, praise and honour that belongs to Him.

Lord Jesus, we praise You for all that You do for us. Help us to imitate Your generosity, and like the poor widow, place our trust and hope in You by giving You our all. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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