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Daily Byte

What a gift to ‘fall in love’. What a blessing to grow in love with others, and even formalise a specific relationship in marriage. Such a love bond is meant to be both life-giving for each other and to bring new life into the world. The innate desire for individuals to have long life is affirmed by passing along one’s genes to one’s child and living vicariously in this way.

Eternal life is rooted in the love of the parents. Human beings are limited in the extent of love offered and length of life. Our Father in heaven is love and the source of life. Being unlimited in both, God gifts us with real love and life without end. Only those who are ‘sad to see’ say there is no resurrection (Lk. 20:27). Worship our loving God and live forever.

Loving Father, You bless us with love for You and all, so that we may celebrate life now and for all eternity. May we live as children who seek to please You, and who yearn to be with You and our loved ones forever. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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