• Fr. Howard Thompson

Daily Byte

Our primary purpose in life is to know God, love Him and serve Him. We do this with our bodies which are temples of the Holy Spirit. The real purpose of the Temple in Jerusalem was to offer prayer, sacrifice and worship (Lk. 19:46). The cleansing of the Temple for its true purpose by Jesus (Lk. 19:45), is a real sign of His ability to cleanse the temples of our bodies from anything that does not draw us to Him, or lead to His glory.

We are purified by God's love so that we can worthily enter into His presence wherever we are to worship Him. We are restored by His power and mercy. We are made clean to live our real purpose in life. Come, let us worship the Lord.

Lord Jesus, you wash us with Your cleansing blood so that we can be made clean in Your sight. May we choose to show our gratitude by the worship we offer in spirit, truth and love. Amen


Fr. Howie



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