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Daily Byte

We hear of Jesus’ power in healing ten lepers (Lk. 17:11-19). Do we carry to the Lord the various types of spiritual leprosy that infects our hearts and souls? Paul’s letter to Titus identifies some of these ailments: slandering others; being warmongers and inconsiderate; disobedient; slaves to various desires and pleasures; living in malice and envy; hateful ourselves and hating one another (Tit. 3:1-3).

The more we identify our maladies, the more the Lord is willing to heal us from them. When He cured the lepers, Jesus is not only showing His power over all physical infections, but also a real desire for us to return to Him in wholistic purity. He cleanses us from our sins so that we can “show ourselves to the Priests” and enter into joyful worship. The Lord wants to heal and save us. Give thanks to Him always.

Cleanse me O Lord, and heal me from all my physical, psychological and spiritual ailments. May my gratitude to You be evidenced by my worship of You, and by being an instrument of Your healing love and mercy to others. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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