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Perspective and attitude make all the difference in every aspect of our lives. A student who feels forced to go to school and has a negative approach to learning, will not develop one’s true potential. In contrast, the student who has a wider view of life and sees the value of learning, will embrace the education to achieve one’s goals and dreams.

The spiritual life is no different. If an individual feels compelled to go to Church, or believes participating in a Ministry is a job for someone else, that person misses the joy of meeting God in these ways. But if worship is seen as a response to God’s love, and service as one’s show of gratitude, then joy comes in being “obliged” to do it (Lk.17:10).

Lord Jesus, may our worship and service be acceptable gifts of sacrifice in Your sight. May our attitude be to always imitate You, who came to serve and not be served. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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