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Daily Byte

Where there is love, there is no division. So it seems strange that Jesus would say that He brings division (Lk.12:51). Who is this Jesus? He came to free us from our sins. He came to save us from death. He came so that we may have life abundantly.

Division surfaces when we do not follow the Lord. As Jesus frees us, so too we must forgive others. As Jesus saves us from death, so too our lives must inspire hope. As Jesus grants life, so too our lives should be sources of joy and real happiness.

Ultimately, division occurs when we cannot love as Jesus loves. Since love unites, it is only those who cannot translate love into mercy and healing that separation is established. Let us do all we can to love the Lord, and reveal His love to everyone.

Lord Jesus, the fire of Your love burns away our sins and purifies us in Your presence. Help us to love as You love, so that we can be effective instruments of life in Your hands. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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