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Daily Byte

Human experience reveals that when there is a disconnect between two people or groups, any good that is said or done gets translated into a twisted interpretation, and promoted with an evil conclusion. It is therefore important that we examine the true state of our mind and heart towards another person or group before we speak.

We see this reality in today’s gospel (Lk. 11:15-23). Immediately after His healing a man, rather than give thanks and celebrate the event, His enemies promote the false notion that Jesus is in league with the devil. When prejudice, anger and hate foment the mind, we give the devil praise. When love draws us together, we praise God.

Lord Jesus, You came to gather us into Your fold so that You can pour Your healing love upon us. Help us to show our gratitude by drawing close to You and each other. Amen.

(Do remember to pray Day Six of our Novena for Repentance and Healing). https://www.stellamarischurch.com/mercy-novena


Fr. Howie



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