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Daily Byte

How can we receive God’s steadfast love and tender mercy? Just ask Him. God not only listens to our prayers, but He also responds for our benefit and for His glory. He will not withhold that which is good, and He truly desires our growth.

Jesus tells us to “ask and we shall receive” (Lk. 11:9). We worship a God who sincerely wants to bless and forgive us because that is His nature. Today, thank God for the life and love He gives us. Ask Him for mercy for self and our world.

Lord Jesus, in humility, we ask You to forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us. Grant us mercy, healing and a zeal to tell others of Your undying love. Amen.

(Do remember to pray Day Five of our Novena for Repentance and Healing).


Fr. Howie


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