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Daily Byte

The healing of the paralytic in today’s gospel (Mk. 2:1-12) can stir mixed emotions. On one hand, this narrative can inspire hope and confidence in the power of the Lord. God can and does heal. We rejoice, give Him thanks and rush to tell others the news.

However, this same pericope can raise questions. Why does God heal others and not me? Like the men who brought the paralytic to Jesus, we have brought our loved ones to Him in prayer, but no ‘cure’ is evident. In these moments, we trust in God’s will.

Lord Jesus, in Your will is our peace. May we glorify You for the healing You pour into our lives. But when You choose to only heal our hearts and spirits but not our bodies, help us to truly surrender to Your grace, which enables us to embrace Your desire. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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