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Daily Byte

Eternal life begins in the here and now. Our God who creates life, is “God of the living, for to Him all are alive” (Lk. 20:38). Our spending eternity with our God is completely dependent on the choices we make in this life that lead us closer to Him. The nearer we draw to God in this life, the greater will be the grace and gift of being with Him forever in the next.

In order to ensure we are on the right track, we all need to heed God’s word; be open to His grace and Spirit; practice prayer and penance, and feed on the Lord’s Body and Blood. Our Saviour formed His Church to ensure all the aforementioned are available and received. It is time for God’s people to physically return to Church and get ready for eternity.

Lord Jesus, as we ponder Your word and feed on the gift of Holy Communion, may we choose to worship and walk with You closely in this life, so that when we die, we will continue the journey You started that will bring us into Your eternal home. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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