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Daily Byte

God’s blessings are not only for our personal security, but also for communal growth. We are blessed so that we can be channels of blessings for others. True gratitude is not just accounting what we have, it is evident in our sharing so that others can celebrate.

God reveals what is expected when He blesses us (Lk. 19:11-28). When we are given the ‘treasures’ of life, we are to use what we have to awaken faith in people and draw them to Him. Jesus gave away His life for everyone’s salvation. We are to do the same.

Lord Jesus, in You we have all the wealth and stability we will ever need. As we trust in You to provide for our daily needs, may we use what You give us to ‘feed the 5000’’; ‘draw water from the well’, and ‘call Lazarus from the tomb’ of doubt to real faith in You. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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