• Fr. Howard Thompson

Daily Byte

Today’s gospel (Lk. 10:25-37) reveals that love and mercy go hand in hand. Our God is full of love and rich in mercy. These are His daily gifts to us. But the reflection of our faith has to be evidenced by the love and mercy we extend to others. Since love seeks the growth and good of all, then our corporal and spiritual works of mercy should be aimed at the healing, forgiving and blessing of others, starting with prayer and translated in our works.

Today, let our repentance and gratitude for the Lord’s love and mercy in our lives be evident in the ways we love and sincerely forgive others, as we pray for healing and protection.

O Lord, Your sacrifice on the cross is the sign of Your unbounded love and tender mercy. Fill us with Your Spirit, so that our acts of love and mercy may be acceptable sacrifices to You.


(Do remember to pray the second day of our Novena for Repentance and Healing). https://www.stellamarischurch.com/mercy-novena


Fr. Howie



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