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Daily Byte

When we keep our eyes open in anticipation of the Lord’s return, we will try to be in a state of readiness. We will seek to set our lives and spiritual houses in order, so that the Lord will find us ready. Our aim is to make the Lord welcome as He comes to live with us.

However, if we behave like the servant who takes his eyes off the Lord’s return and begins to focus only on the self (Lk. 12:39-48), this leads to destructive behaviour for the self and others. Placing the self and not the Saviour at the centre of our lives only brings pain.

Lord Jesus, You came to save us. You ask us to keep watch for Your return. As we wait with joyful hope, may we choose to place You, and not our ego, at the centre of our lives. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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