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Daily Byte

To choose to listen, is to be open to learn. Listening allows the ‘seed’ of knowledge to find a home in our minds, which hopefully leads to informed actions. The person who allows the distractions of the mind or the busyness of duties to block that which is taught, has only the self to blame when the lesson is lost or the opportunity is gone.

Jesus is the Word (Jn. 1:1). When He speaks, the word of life goes out to find fertile ground. This is why He told Martha that Mary “chose the better part” by sitting at His feet and by listening to His word (Lk. 10:38-42). Mary’s ‘action’ of listening makes her a disciple. We too need to reveal ourselves as true disciples by listening to the Lord.

Speak Your word of life Lord, and help us to choose to listen. May Your voice serve to calm our fears, inform our minds and spur us to actions of love and mercy in our world. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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