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Daily Byte

Sin is a spiritual illness that needs the remedy of the cross. The ancient sin offerings are now replaced with the perfect and once-for-all sacrifice of Jesus on the altar of the cross. Cleansing from sin and its effects needs the washing of the blood of the Lamb.

The cross of Christ becomes truly accepted when one acknowledges the gravity of sin. Sin leads to spiritual death, but the sufferings of Jesus (Lk. 9:43-45) grant mercy and eternal life. We are healed by His wounds. Today, let the Lord’s grace free us from sin.

Lord Jesus, You showed Your love for us by coming as man, and choosing to suffer and die so that we may live. May our gratitude be evident by our avoidance of sin, or by seeking Your mercy at the foot of the cross in prayer, penance and reconciliation. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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