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Daily Byte

Never underestimate the power and value of the little things in life, because sometimes they are the ones that matter most. A smile can send a message that the recipient is ‘seen’ and not ignored. A kind word turns away wrath and prevents a battle. A hug shows that the person is cherished, and together can face the challenges that arise. Saying “thank you” can spur motivation to persevere in doing good. Saint Therese, one of my favourite saints, devoted herself to the ‘little way’, intentionally doing small things that eased the burdens of her Sisters. These acts of sacrifice, rooted in love, brought joy to her community and gave glory to God. Jesus instructed His disciples to offer the ‘small’ gift of peace to all (Lk. 10:5) which will build God’s kingdom. Today, what ‘little thing’ will you do to make relationships better? Lord Jesus, You teach us that the small seed can grow into a mighty tree. Help us to do the little things that bring real joy and peace to others, and to please You in all things. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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