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Daily Byte

We all descend from a long line of ancestors who tried to serve the Lord as best as they could. Some allowed the grace of the Lord to daily transform them to become better and grow into holiness. Others allowed their selfish ego to overtake them, and so the path to sanctity was longer. But each was loved and called by God to draw close to Him.

As we celebrate the birth of Mary, we recognise the gift that she is to humankind. God gave her life and, like everyone else, free will. In her freedom, she chose to be the Mother and Disciple of Jesus. Her “yes” to God, even as she was betrothed to Joseph whose ancestors tried to serve the Lord (Mt. 1:1-23), was a recognition of her role in God’s plans.

Mary’s life was dedicated to God’s word and will. Can we say the same for our lives?

Lord Jesus, Your Mother Mary is a true gift to You and to all humankind. Through her ‘fiat’ and generosity of self, she brought You into this world, so that we can see, hear and love You. May we imitate her example, and through our lives, reveal You to all people. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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