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Daily Byte

In today’s gospel, we hear Jesus expounding the frightening words, “Woe to you blind guides” (Mt. 23:13-22). Unlike those who are clinically blind, those who are spiritually or psychologically blind rarely recognize their darkness.

The latter include people who operate from skewed interpretations of reality and often render negative or false conclusions to various experiences; those who form ‘crusades’ against others; and those whose egos prompt their feeling superior to others.

The aforementioned traits are only drops in the ocean of dark water for those who are truly blind guides. The scary truth is that anyone can slip into this state of blindness at any time. It is therefore important for believers to call on Jesus, our Light, to lead us.

Lord Jesus, You declared Yourself to be the Light of the world. Illumine our eyes and lives, and lead us out of any state of blindness into Your marvellous and saving light. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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