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Daily Byte

If we are not convinced of God’s saving love and power in our lives, then ‘going’ to Church can become just another activity on our ‘to do’ list. The level of our spiritual conviction will make our encounter with the Lord in His Word and Sacrament either a truly life-giving and deeply beautiful experience, or can become a ‘mindless’ and boring endeavour.

Unearthing the richness of consciously being in the ecstatic presence of the Lord begins with a choice. In the first Reading, Joshua presents a choice to the people to either serve the Lord who has freed them, or the gods of the other nations (Jos. 24:1-18). Jesus also gave that choice to His Disciples to either stay with Him or leave (Jn. 6:60-69).

What is interesting in both narratives is that the choice made, and the inspiration imparted, was initiated by one individual. Joshua declared his fidelity to the Lord and Peter affirmed his bond with Jesus. Both men made a choice for Jehovah and Jesus respectively. They did so irrespective of what the others may decide, and they were blessed abundantly.

It is a privileged right for every individual to choose who one will worship. If the individual is convinced that the Lord is the real and only source of life and eternal love, then the more one feeds on His Word and Body, the more one grows to know Him and serve Him. Be very careful of the crowd whose choices can lead us away from God. We are His people.

Loving Lord, “Yours is my life, I abandon all I am to You my God”. You freely gave me life, and even more significantly, You choose to bless me with new life by Your saving mercy. May Your Spirit help me to put You first, to choose Your way daily, and to bless You at all times. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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