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Daily Byte

Life may seem hard and unfair at times. For the fortunate ones, a spirit of gratitude and true generosity to the less fortunate should be awakened. For those adversely affected, a spirit of surrender and greater trust amidst the calamity is to be stirred.

We have been fortunate in our country. Although we were rocked by a recent earthquake, it was our neighbour, Haiti, who suffered destruction and lost two thousand lives. Despite our ongoing political challenges, we are spared from extremists, unlike Afghanistan.

Today’s parable (Mt. 20:1-16) may seem harsh and reflects the unfairness of life. But this parable is not about fair wage negotiation. It is a call to trust in the ways of our God. For the unfortunate, God will provide. For the fortunate, be God’s face for the suffering.

Father, Your ways are holy and your thoughts are above our thoughts. In the daily struggles of life, help us to trust in Your power, and do what little we can to reveal Your goodness. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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