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Daily Byte

Consider for a moment how limited we are, as opposed to how unlimited God is. We often show love to those who love us in return, and refuse love to those who make life difficult. God loves everyone without exception, and seeks our reconciliation with Him and all in our lives. We sometimes find it hard to forgive, and allow our anger to lead us to get others to join our ‘crusade’ of condemnation. God is rich in mercy and seeks our salvation. Our ultimate sign of being finite is that our days are numbered and we will all die. Time is a gift. We should use it to prepare for our death. When Jesus became human, He had to prepare for His own dying (Lk. 9:43-45). But His resurrection reveals Him to be the Lord of all time. Jesus conquered death and imparts eternal life to any who follow Him. Today, let us give thanks to God for His ‘unchained’ love, mercy and gift of life everlasting. Lord Jesus, Your incarnation affirms Your unending love, and Your sacrifice confirms Your limitless mercy. May we choose to love and serve You with grateful hearts and devotion. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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