• Fr. Howard Thompson

Christmas Byte

When we join in the celebration of Mass, whether online or physically in Church, have we ever used the experience of Simeon (Lk. 2:25-32) as a template to guide our experience? Simeon went to the Temple to see the Lord. Do we earnestly desire to see the Lord in His Holy Eucharist? Simeon encountered the Lord because he paid full attention through the Spirit. Do we intentionally focus, or allow our minds to drift and get distracted by what is happening around us?

Simeon departed from the Temple in peace. Do we allow ourselves to be bathed in all the graces the Mass offers so that we too can depart in peace? One way to keep our peace is to discern the people and conversations that we have after Mass. Some people make it a habit to disturb our peace with gossip and fake news, while others tend to lift our spirits with real joy. Silence before Mass and exercising discernment afterwards, are keys to keeping peaceful spirits.

Lord Jesus, may our encounters with You, especially in the celebration of Mass, impart the real joy, peace and love that comes from recognising Your saving presence. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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