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Christmas Byte

During the Christmas Season, we give thanks that Mary’s “yes” allowed for the new life and birth of Jesus in our world. Today, we mourn for the countless infants who were killed by Herod because of his “no” to God’s will (Mt. 2:13-18). We continuously mourn for the numerous babies who are aborted each year because of the “no” echoed throughout each generation. I do invite you to keep the following in your daily prayer:

1. Pray that parents will be good examples for their children.

2. Pray for the peaceful repose of the souls of the infants aborted each year.

3. Pray for a healing for those adults who yielded to the scourge of abortion.

Lord Jesus, Your conception in the womb of Mary sanctifies all wombs and shows the value of each human life. Help us to promote life from the womb to the tomb. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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