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Advent Bytes

When one is ‘in love’, one not only goes beyond the ordinary in order to please the other, but may also ‘dive into an ocean of insanity’. Which sane shepherd would leave the ninety-nine sheep, settled in safety, to risk his life for the one straying sheep (Mt. 18:12-14)?

This is the image of God: He is so ‘madly in love’ with us that He goes beyond that which is sensible to find us and restore us to the fold. When we, as His sheep, come to appreciate how much God loves us, it is then that we will truly desire His comforting presence.

Lord Jesus, You are the loving Shepherd who comes to seek, find and save us. With hearts filled with gratitude, may our lives give You glory and put a smile on Your face. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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