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Advent Bytes

Today I am inviting you to offer two prayers during our Advent journey. The first is to pray to see the Lord in all circumstances of our lives. Seeing the Lord in each other helps us to love as we should, while trusting in His power gives us courage in all experiences.

The second is to pray to see if our words, attitudes, intentions and actions are drawing us closer into the presence of the Lord and each other. The two blind men drew close to Jesus in their need and told others about Him (Mt. 9:27-31). Pray for spiritual insight.

Lord Jesus, help us to see You and truly love You in all people. As we recognise Your guiding hand in all aspects of our lives, keep our spiritual vision clear, so that we can discern and see the right words, attitudes, intentions and actions which will draw us into Your saving presence. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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