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Advent Bytes

When one feels the touch of real love, one often breaks out in a song of rejoicing. When the lover feels a connection with the beloved, there is no greater joy that can be found in one’s heart and soul. When each is fully attentive to the other, there is no greater empowerment and feeling of confidence that can be found from anything or anyone else.

The above traits are all present in Mary (Lk. 1:46-56) as she celebrated the touch, choice, connection and attention that she experienced from the Lord. Her entire being was flooded with the presence of the Holy Spirit who is Love. Although her wedding to Joseph had not yet taken place, she was on a particular honeymoon that would last for eternity.

Today, let us pray for the grace to experience this kind of love from our God, who delights in giving the gift of His entire self for our benefit.

Come Holy Spirit and fill us with the fire of Your love. Take our hearts, we give them to You. Take our lives, we surrender them to You. With our lips, may we magnify You all the days of our lives; and with our lives, may we offer You fitting worship and service. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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