• Fr. Howard Thompson

Advent Bytes

How wide is our “prayer net” when we approach the Lord? We usually pray for our families, friends and those who are close to us. We also petition the Lord for grace and strength for ourselves; and may include guidance for our leaders, and peace in our world.

In today’s gospel reading, we hear that the crowd brought with them, “the lame, deformed, blind, mute and many others”, and placed them at the feet of Jesus (Mt. 15:30). In love, let our prayer include all those in need, our enemies and our environment. Heal us Lord.

Lord Jesus, we place at your feet, all the people You have brought into our lives. We also commend all who are in need of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual healing. May enemies forgive each other. May we as Your people truly pray for each other, and be good stewards in caring for the animals and environment that You give as gifts. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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