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Advent Bytes

How many of us come to the Lord in prayer and ask, “What do you want of me?” We often tell the Lord what we want and need. We do this in response to His statement, “Ask, and you shall receive” (Mt. 7:7). But do we ask for His guidance and will in our lives?

In today’s gospel, Jesus calls Simon, Andrew, James and John to follow Him (Mk. 4:18-22). But notice He plainly says, “I will make you”, and not, “You will make yourselves”. Today, ask the Lord to reveal what He wants of you, and allow Him to shape us in love.

Lord Jesus, help us to listen to Your voice and to humbly submit ourselves to Your divine purpose in our lives. May we grow as living examples of true love and service. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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