• Fr. Howard Thompson

Advent Byte

The word of the Lord is relevant to every individual in every generation. Since the author is God who made us and who inspired the writers, then our Creator knows the instructions we need to inherit eternal life. Those who reject this word, or say it is ‘old fashioned’, have only themselves to blame when their houses collapse from the storms of life (Mt. 7:27). But those who listen to the word and act on them, not only experience safety in the storm, but also prove to be wise (Mt. 7:24).

God’s word comforts and challenges us to become better people. The more we listen to this word and allow it to strengthen, console, heal and guide our lives, the more we will truly experience the loving power of God in our lives. Indeed, those who make room for the word in our lives, are simultaneously making room for the Word made flesh — Jesus Christ — in our hearts. So, as we journey through the Advent Season, will we choose the wisdom of the Lord or the folly of the world?

Speak Lord, Your servant is listening. Help me to listen and act on what I hear, so that I may prove to be wise and live in the security of Your arms. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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